Rachel Robbins

Rachel Robbins - Creative Consultant

Rachel performing standup comedy


I offer a range of services designed to support those who want to improve their writing, confidence or teamwork. I start from the basis that we are all creative beings who would benefit from revisiting our impulse to play.

In particular, I can help with:

  • Proof-reading
  • Editing and writing support
  • Tailored workshops to support teams and individuals in finding their creativity
  • Workshops can be delivered either on-line or in person (to ensure that they are fully accessible)

I am happy to discuss with you a bespoke approach to your teamwork issues.


I thoroughly enjoyed the whole concept of this workshop. I love that it raises awareness of the importance and value in understanding a person's story; and how they arrived at the place they find themselves when professionals are meeting them for the first time.
(Workshop participant)
I would just like to say how well I thought the training was delivered. Stories form such an integral part of our everyday work that thinking about stories in this way has really helped me to think about how we work with domestic abuse.
(Workshop Participant)