Rachel Robbins

Rachel Robbins - Proof-Reading and Editing

Rachel performing standup comedy

“I have a PhD”, I said to the 12 year old police officer who had to lean into my car to show me how to turn off my hazard lights… My PhD is in Social Policy and I have published a range of academic journal articles and book chapters. (My Academic Writing CV can be found here)

I also have published short stories, written a radio drama and write a regular blog that tackles a range of issues. I write my own stand-up comedy and have written for comedy podcasts.

I have a sharp eye for detail and experience in supervising students from undergraduate to PhD completion, including students for whom English was not a first language.


I can offer proof-reading services at a price of £15 per 1,000 words. I can also offer editing services at an additional 10 – 20% (depending on work required).

My proof-reading services will pay attention to the detail of your writing, looking at grammar, word choice, spelling, formatting errors and inconsistencies.

I am happy to consider any writing for proof-reading services, but I am ideally placed to offer support for

  • academic assignments in the social sciences and humanities
  • journal articles relating to qualitative research
  • PhD Thesis relating to qualitative research
  • Adding humour to your content
  • Creative writing


I can offer editing services on all proof-reading at an additional 10 – 20% (depending on work required). Editing is the process of reviewing written work to improve its structure, clarity and effectiveness. Editing feedback will offer more substantive suggestions and corrections than proof-reading.

In academic writing it will ensure that the reader is clear about the argument being made and that the evidence meets the conclusion.

In creative writing, it will offer suggestions about plot, character, setting, pacing and the use of imagery.

The proliferation of AI tools has prompted discussions about ethics, copyright infringement and inaccuracy. Good proof-reading and editing services are a key part of ensuring that creative content meets the needs of university assessments and other areas where originality and authorship are paramount.