Rachel Robbins

Rachel Robbins - Creative Consultant

Rachel performing standup comedy


Welcome to the Home of Rachel Robbins - Creative Consultant. If you are looking for someone to support your writing, or to support teamwork through creativity – then you are in the right place.

I am a stand-up, improviser, short-story writer, dramatist and film essayist. I am also a “recovering academic” (with a background in social care and domestic abuse research).

This means I can help you with the deadly serious to the sublime and the ridiculous.

All of us have a creative impulse, but too often it is dulled by routine or procedure. My performance and writing experience allows me to tailor workshops for teams delivering social care, to reinvigorate them and forge new connections through story-telling and fun.

Also, with an academic portfolio of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, I am ideally placed to help with the proof-reading and editing of your writing.

You’ll get passion and patience, as we work together to forge new ways of seeing the world.


All of my work is underpinned by my values in relation to equality, confidentiality, accessibility and relationship-building. I know that when many people see the words improv and stand-up they will immediately feel panicked. You will never be asked to act outside of your comfort zone. I will take care of you.