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Rachel Robbins - Bespoke Workshops 2

Maya Angelou - There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

The Power of Using Stories in Practice


You are the most important resource when working with others.

But welfare work has had a difficult past few years with welfare budgets being cut and services stretched. Many services have become reliant on procedures and manualised approaches. This workshop aims to re-engage the imagination of practitioners.

The aim is to open up a space that allows us to work with stories – the stories we tell about our service-users and the stories we tell about ourselves.

Stories are a fundamentally human approach to working with trauma.


This work is carried out over two half-day workshop sessions.

The first considers the role of story-telling in supporting understanding and connection. Before the second session all participants will write a story that reflects a real life experience in practice.

The second provides a space for group discussion and analysis of stories written by group members. Stories will be considered in a number of ways, including how power and control impacts upon the characters involved.

Exercises include:

  • Free writing
  • Improv warm-up exercises to prompt creativity
  • Developing themes to write to
  • Group analysis of stories

As with all my workshops the comfort of those taking part is paramount. We will set ground rules together and whilst I may challenge participants, no-one will be asked to do anything outside of their comfort zone.


At the end of the workshops you will:

  • Have an understanding of the role of stories in trauma-informed care
  • Have made the links between creativity, story-telling and supporting trauma
  • Feel better equipped to analyse stories
  • Had space to reflect on and analyse your own and others stories
Excellent training - really informative and gave me time to reflect on working practices when working with victims of DA and how I actually listen to their story.
Thank you so much.

(Workshop Participant)
Rachel performing standup comedy