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The Power of Using Stories in Facilitating Groups


Are you involved in facilitating group work?

Would you like this to be more dynamic?

Most people agree that a facilitator that can use stories from their own experience makes learning more engaging and thought-provoking for participants. However, in social and welfare work this does provoke questions about boundaries, confidentiality and what is appropriate to share. Good teaching and facilitation should also avoid being ego-driven. The use of personal stories can be misinterpreted and misused to promote the teacher rather than the participants' learning.


I provide a half-day session with a small group to consider how to use personal experience in facilitating learning. We will discuss strategies on how to bring the authentic self to a learning/teaching situation, whilst establishing personal boundaries and keeping the ego in check.

It involves:

  • Exercises from the worlds of Improv and Stand up to develop authentic, unique voices
  • Consideration of emotional intelligence and feelings in the telling of stories
  • The importance of narrative as a teaching tool
  • A checklist of what is required before sharing, with an emphasis on student needs
  • Self-care and maintaining a locked box for yourself

As with all my workshops the comfort of those taking part is paramount. We will set ground rules together and whilst I may challenge participants, no-one will be asked to do anything outside of their comfort zone.


At the end of the workshop you will:

  • Know and develop your own unique voice
  • Master the art of emotional intelligence in storytelling
  • Takeaway practical tools that ensure you are fully prepared to share your story
  • Own crucial tips to maintain your wellbeing and self-care when sharing your
  • story
Absolutely loving the quality of the delivery and the relevance for practice.
(Workshop Participant)
Rachel performing standup comedy